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Our specialists work on the development of methods for damage calculation, repair and ways of protection of structures made of composite materials.

01 Analytical procedure validation

We perform standard static and fatigue tests according to the ASTM as well as unparalleled tests to validate the analytical procedures under development including the tests of structurally similar elements and those with regard to the climate impact

Scope of works performed by our company engineers:
  • Listing of samples to cope with a task set by the customer including the results of preliminary analyses
  • Preparation of testing programs
  • Tooling engineering and its manufacturing coordination
  • Testing
  • Test results analytical processing

02 Development of analytical procedures and software packages

Focus areas of our engineers are as follows:
  • Design analysis of the crashworthiness of laminated and honeycomb structures made of composite materials including the resistance of impact protection elements
  • Design analysis of the manufacturing defect influence on the residual strength of structures made of composite materials
  • Strength analysis of the bolted joints of composite material assemblies (including the Bearing-Bypass interaction, the out-of-plane load action, for the off-standard package thickness and so on)
  • Development of utility programs to accelerate the finite element modeling and the processing of numerical computation
  • Developed analytical procedures are in practical use at the structure engineering stage.

They also make it possible to quickly respond to the manufacturers and future operators requirements.

As the Customer need may be, the software tools can be adapted to any standard software used for the finite element analysis.

03 Works related to the Structural Repair Manual preparation

Current tasks are as follows:
  • Investigations related to the development of repair procedures and their analytical and testing support
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