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Our employees are well experienced in structures design for the aerospace, automotive, defense, heavy engineering and other industries.
A wide range of projects issued at different stages of product development allow us to apply the best design solutions and achieve Customer goals.

01 Aircraft Industry

Aircraft structure designing

Our services cover designing of units and assemblies of the airframe load-carrying structure as well as the components of fuselage, wing and wing high-lift devices:

  • structure optimization in terms of weight and stress characteristics;
  • project definition;
  • detailed designing;
  • development of design concepts for repairs;
  • development of engineering documentation

02 Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

Our services cover designing of single units, details and assemblies for automotive vehicles, building and agricultural machinery:

  • designing of single structure components, details, units and assemblies;
  • detailed designing for bending, stamping and mechanical processing;
  • development of the vehicle “Body-in-white”;
  • development of vehicle attachment units and components;
  • vehicle interior designing (instrument panel, interior panels);
  • designing of outfit for production and maintenance;
  • variance engineering analysis.

03 Robotic technology and industrial design

Development and system integrated designing of mechanical electro-mechanical and compressed air mechanical robotic systems.

  • Concept development;
  • Development of conceptual and kinematic diagrams on the basis of the customer design specifications;
  • Project definition. Primary drawing. First-order estimate. Selection of component parts;
  • Detail design. Full project definition. Refined estimations;
  • Integration of units and assemblies in the general design;
  • Designing of details for mechanical processing, bending and stamping;
  • Designing of casting and forging details;
  • Designing of outfit for welding and mechanical processing;
  • Photorealistic rendering of end product;
  • Development of engineering documentation
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