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We use our experience in the visualization of technological processes to offers our customers' services on the development of interactive training tools, that reduce staff training time and minimize production errors.

01 Computer-based training systems

Computer-based training systems (CBT)are understood to be interactive video tapes illustrating the principles of operation or manufacturing of a product. They are intended for examination of materiel (product, component, detail) in the course of theoretical training both as a self-instruction and with a trainer. 

Procedure trainer (FPTD) simulates the instrument panel, boards and aircraft controls. It is intended for examination of all aircraft systems, aircraft control procedures under normal conditions and in emergency. The FPTD also makes possible to train engineers in maintenance, system monitoring and aircraft engine start. 

Computer-based training systems of various classes make possible to:

  • Save cost of the after-sales service through the time-saving in the fault isolation;
  • Increase rate of training and training quality of technical staff;
  • Conduct remote training;
  • Increase the efficiency of service procedures through a fast access to repair and service procedures data;
  • Improve the company image and international competitive ability through the up-to-date electronic maintenance documentation.

Our company offers:

  • Scripting of a training program;
  • 2D/3D interactive animation format;
  • Computer-aided testing of material retention;
  • Dubbing of training material;
  • SCORM – compatibility.

02 Process visualization in production

One of the promising directions of our company development is the visualization of process operations (VPO).
The VPO is understood as a display of assembly, installation, removal/installation, replacement, check, measurement and other procedures that are described in words (textual description and non-interactive graphic matter in the form of drawings, sketches and photographs). Each procedure step is synchronized with a 3D animation. This software can be used for staff training and as a visual operating instruction to achieve intended technical goals. You can run the VPO applications both on the traditional stationary WKS (PC, notebooks) and mobile platforms (tablet PC under Android and IOS operating systems). It is very convenient if you run them under factory conditions. 

What are the advantages of the VPO implementation in production?

  • Reduction of cost and time required to train staff involved in maintenance of technically complex products. 
  • Opportunity to quickly renew knowledge immediately before performance of work.
  • Minimization of staff errors which frequently result in costly consequences for manufacturers.
  • Opportunity to involve less-skilled staff in performance of complex works; opportunity to speedy improve staff skill in training.
  • Opportunity to modify and optimize developed applications on the basis of Customer’s remarks or requests that may arise during run of applications.
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