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We offer complex solutions for maintenance manuals that provide Customers with maintenance documentation, developed according to modern demands and quality standards. “Centre of Technical Projects” provides a full range of services for maintenance documentation issuing and support to meet both Russian and international standards.

01 Operation and maintenance manuals development

Interactive electronic technical manuals (IETM)

An interactive electronic technical manual is a dataset of descriptive and illustrative data regarding a product. The dataset makes possible an interactive retrieving of operational, repair and descriptive technical information concerning a particular product item.
A high-class IETM (class 4-5) enables to directly contact the product diagnostics modules and make an arrangement for reservation of spare parts and materials per computer as well.

IETM advantages

The application of the IETM of various classes makes possible:

  • to rapidly retrieve visual information about a product, maintenance and repair procedures;
  • to efficiently operate and repair a product;
  • to isolate faults;
  • to provide reservation of required spare parts per computer;
  • to establish data exchange between the manufacturer and the customer.

The CTP company makes itself available for development of technical publications in the form of the IETM that follow:

  • Aircraft illustrated parts catalogs (AIPC);
  • Aircraft maintenance manuals (АММ);
  • Faultisolationmanuals (FIM);
  • System schematics, wiring, standard wiring practices manuals (SSM,WDM, SWPM);
  • Structuralrepairmanual (SRM);
  • Non-destructive testing manual (NDT);
  • Aircraftrecoverymanual (ARM);
  • Service bulletins (SB);
  • and others.

IETM conformity to standards

The IETM under development are produced in conformity with the international specifications ATA2200 and S1000D(issue 2.3-4.1), as well as the Russian standards that cover development of electronic documentation: they are GОSТ 2.601-2006, GОSТ 2.610-2006, АS 1.1.1000-2007, GОСТ 18675-2012.<br />In Russia the interactive electronic technical manuals are executed in conformity with technical guidance documents that define general requirements for logical structure, content, style and user-interaction of the hierarchically structured IETM: 

  • Р 50.1.029—2001. Continuous acquisition and life-cycle support. Interactive electronic technical manuals. General requirements for content, style and user-interaction.  Recommendations for standardization. Gosstandart of Russia. Moscow, 2001.
  • Р50.1.030-2001. Continuous acquisition and life-cycle support. Interactive electronic technical manuals. General requirements for database logical structure. Recommendations for standardization. Gosstandart of Russia. Moscow, 2001.

In general, all requirements to the manuals under development must conform to recommendations of the customer, meet the needs of the customer himself and those of the end user (operator). 

IETM development systems

The systems for development and publication of technical manuals in the form of the IETM that the CTP company has been using are as follows: Arbortext, TG Builder, DocTec, Corena, and others. 

IETM classification

There are various IETM classifications. However, the main discrepancy criterion is the way for representing data and database functionality (documentary system), and hereafter the IETM publication.

  • Paper-based electronic documents (class 1). They are scans of manuals in hard copies. Electronic document is a copy of a paper manual. Advantage: a compact electronic carrier can replace a large quantity of paper documentation. Disadvantage: no additional functions as compared to manuals in hard copies.
  • Unstructured documents (class 2). Electronic text documents. Advantage: they can display audio and video fragments, graphic images, and do a text search. Disadvantage: limited data processing capabilities.
  • Structured documents (class 3). From class 3 on, the manuals are documents that consist of three components. They are structure, style and content. In addition, from class 3 on, the IETM have a standardized user interface. Advantage: you can standardize structure, style and user interface of a manual (for instance, in conformity with the branch standards for the maintenance documentation). The standardized user interface lets facilitate operation with an IETM. Disadvantage: if you compile a manual for complex industry products you face a problem how to manage large quantities of data.
  • Interactive databases (class 4). Advantage: you can compile big data technical manuals. Disadvantage: product diagnostic system is missing.
  • Integrated databases (class 5). They enable to directly contact the electronic product diagnostic modules. This feature considerably facilitates service and repair of a product. Advantage: you can do diagnostics of a product. Disadvantage: cost of creation is very high. In general, the use of the IETMВ of a certain class depends on the product complexity, financial and technical capabilities of the user.

Alternate IETM classification system:

  • Indexed digital images of documents.
  • Linear interactive electronic technical publication (IETP-L).
  • Hierarchically structured interactive electronic technical publications (IETP-D).
  • Integrated interactive electronic technical publications (IETP-I).
  • WEB-oriented interactive electronic technical publications (IETP-X).

02 Customer OM manuals support

The CTP company offers a comprehensive and continuous actualization and finalization of the existing operational and maintenance documentation (OMD).
This service is in demand because after commissioning of a product some design imperfections, process defects and incompleteness of the developed operational and maintenance documentation shall be detected. It makes the designers introduce    modifications in design and OMD without delay.

We offer a package solution to the documentation support:

  • Actualization of documentation as per operator’s request;
  • Development and implementation of Service Bulletins;
  • Tracking changes in product design and immediate finalization of the OMD.

As of today the engineers of our company perform the full OMD support for the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft CJSC upon the SSJ-100 project.

03 Conversion and finalization of available documentation

Conversion of the design and operational maintenance documentation

Currently many design engineers develop the design (DD) and operational maintenance documentation (OMD) in digital form that makes possible to computerize its further use in technical publications. At the same time most of technical products developed over the past few decades have no digital representation both in the DD and OMD.

The CTP company provides services in finalization and conversion of the DD and OMD in conformity with the international and Russian standards and specifications related to the electronic documentation (S1000D issue 2.3-4.1, ATA2200, GОSТ 2.601-2006, GОSТ 2.610-2006, АС 1.1.1000-2007, GОSТ 18675-2012).

Services include:

  • Conversion of the graphic part of documentation (cgm, jpg, svg, pdf)
  • Text formatting in conformity with file and specification types (xml, sgml, doc, html)
  • Creation of product structures (design, logistic, maintenance, creation of DMRL, data module coding (DMC) in conformity with standards, illustration coding (ICN))
  • Populating and maintenance of databases of the developed documentation
  • Publication of the IETM of various classes
  • Technical publication design development
  • Stylingoftechnicalpublications
  • Digital typography and printing of technical publications
  • Support of documentation

04 Printing and translation of technical documentation

The CTP company provides services in printing and delivery of documentation to the customer, delivery of component parts and hardware for printed product (folders in leather binding, circlips, plastic spacers and so on). The number of the OMD sheets printed and delivered by our staff members to the Customer totals to more than 11.000.000. We are aware of the importance of providing the Customer with a high-quality printed product by the specified time. The CTP company fully covers the needs of the “SCAC” CJSC in printed technical documentation.

The CTP company has established a technical translation division that is fully functional. Experienced technical translators have been doing translations of the OMD for SCAC and KAMOV. The translation division makes possible to issue the OMD in several languages and cooperate with customers that have documentation for foreign equipment samples.

05 Consulting. Integral assessment of customer documentation

Implementation of the technical documentation development process

The CTP company offers to implement the maintenance documentation development process that meets the customer requirements.
As a result we get maintenance documentation developed at the customer’s (or jointly developed) request to provide product maintenance and meet the operator’s needs.

Main stages of implementation of the technical documentation development process:

  • Well-reasoned analysis of the product development state at factory
  • Analysis of source data for development of the technical documentation
  • Description of the optimal technical documentation development process with allowance for format and existing source data
  • Software selection to meet requirements to the outgoing product
  • Software installation and configuration  (development environment, storage, publications)
  • Development of specifications, regulatory documents on development of the technical documentation to provide transparency of the technical documentation development process for the customer staff
  • Pilot versions of the technical documentation shall be developed and agreed in test environment
  • Start of the technical documentation development “in lots” 

06 Visualized interactive dictionaries and handbooks

Visualized interactive dictionaries

Specialized branch dictionaries and handbooks have a big share in the total volume of the technical publications. At the same time the convenience of using them in book or landscape formats raise the question. The better half of these publications is available in Internet as scans for a long time ago. Such versions have a lot of disadvantages:
Big capacity (download and storage problems)
Inconvenient browsing (even with modern computers)
Missing search option
Inconvenience of orientation in document

To remove the said inconveniences you can use visualized interactive dictionaries and handbooks.
The CTP company makes itself available to develop this type of documents.
Advantages in using such a dictionary are as follows:

  • Comprehensive entry description both in words and graphic form
  • Translatability into any language of the world
  • Dictionary or handbook use with mobile devices
  • Convenient search options
  • Smallcapacity
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