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Applying modern computational methods and tools and adapting them for specific tasks, our specialists perform all kinds of structural analysis

01 Static strength

The scope of issues tackled by our engineers includes:
  • General and detailed finite element modeling;
  • Linear analysis
  • Geometrical and physical nonlinearity analysis
  • Structural instability analysis
  • Parts analysis and provision of recommendations for design changes
  • Preparation and release of reports
  • Analysis of the stress-strain behavior of structures due to impact force
  • Analytical support upon requests of manufacturers
  • Analytical support of tests
  • Analysis of the static strength of a post-repair structure

We use the Nastran/Patran, Ansys, NX software packages to perform analyses and modeling

02 Fatigue design life

This subject includes the works that follow:
  • Analysis of the stress-strain behavior of the primary structural elements, determination of critical points (zones) of the structure under application of the global and local finite element modeling
  • Processing of the structural elements load spectra and equivalent stress assessment
  • Rating analysis of the fatigue life of an element and the stress concentration factor
  • Fatigue life analysis of various stress points (lugs, fillets, joints and so on)
  • Preparation and release of certification reports
  • Fatigue life analysis of the primary structural elements following the requests of manufacturers and operators
  • Analytical support of tests
  • Macros development for acceleration of analyses

03 Aircraft survivability

CTP performs activity-specific analyses of the aircraft survivability that follow:
  • Development of the Structure Repair Manual (SRM or PPK manuals)
  • Airframe structure certification with the international certification authorities (including the European Aviation Safety Agency)
  • Airframe structure corrosion mapping
  • Manufacture and operation support

Current tasks:
  • Analysis of the primary structural elements survivability under application of the Altay, NASGRO, AFGROW software packages according to the methods of the linear elastic fracture mechanics (residual strength, damage development duration, start time and frequency of examinations)
  • Refinement of the stress-strain status of the structure aided by the local finite element modeling of the potential critical structural elements including the transfer of loads resulting from a primary structural element fracture
  • Preparation and release of certification reports
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