Aircraft Design
We provide design services for units and parts of the power structure of the airframe, as well as elements
of the fuselage, wing and mechanization.
  • design optimization to improve weight and strength characteristics
  • outline design
  • detailed design
  • providing design solutions for repairs
  • development of design documentation
Automotive Design
We provide design services for individual units, parts and assemblies of automotive, construction and agricultural machinery.

  • design of individual structural elements, parts, components and assemblies
  • detailed design for bending, stamping and machining
  • development of a "black" car body
  • development of mounted components and components of the car
  • interior design (dashboard, interior panels)
  • tooling design for production and maintenance
  • deviation engineering analysis
  • detailed design development
  • development of foundry and forged parts
  • development of plastic parts and assemblies
  • 2D to 3D conversion and vice versa
  • development of design documentation
  • photorealistic rendering of the final product.