Complex solutions in the field of development of technical and operational documentation offered by our companies allow customers to receive product documentation made in accordance with modern requirements and quality standards. The Centre of Technical Projects company offers a full range of works on the creation and support of operational technical documentation that meets both Russian and foreign standards.
Development of technical documentation
  • IPD
  • АММ
  • FIM
  • SRM
  • NDT
  • ARM
  • SB
Documentation support
The specialists of the CTP LLC propose to implement the process of developing technical documentation that meets the requirements of the Customer.
As a result, we will receive technical documentation developed according to the requirements (or jointly developed requirements) of the Customer, ready to ensure the operation of the product and the needs of the operator.

  • Building Scenarios Defining Business Requirements
  • Identify needs for systems and organization changes
  • Development of proposals Solutions
  • Design of technical architecture
  • Development of a commissioning plan
Converting and updating customer documentation
  • Conversion of the graphic part of the documentation (cgm, jpg, svg, pdf)
  • The design of the text part in accordance with the schemes of standards and specifications (xml, sgml, doc, html)
  • Creation of product structures (design, logistics, operational, creation of DMRL, coding of Data Modules (DMC) according to standards, coding of illustrations (ICN))
  • Filling and maintaining databases with developed documentation
  • Publication of various classes interactive training tools
  • Design for technical publications
  • Style Design for Technical Publications
  • Design and printing of technical publications
  • Documentation support
Automation of processes for development of operational documentation within the framework of PLM systems
Optimization of the development process using PLM systemsCurrent trends in the development of operational documentation are increasingly involving developers in the development of PLM and CAD systems. The direction of automation of the product life cycle management is designed to provide comprehensive satisfaction of customer needs for high-quality electric propulsion using innovative development methodologies in a single environment without interruption from design documentation.

«uilding a single information space within the PLM system allows you to create an end-to-end process for the development of operational technical documentation from the use of design documentation for the product to the publication of a ready-made guide.

  • Leading the process of development of electric propulsion in a single environment
  • Optimization of the development process using PLM systems
  • Tracking changes in the electric propulsion system depending on changes in CA
  • Publication management within the PLM system
  • Prompt delivery of electric propulsion and its changes to the operator