Centre for Technical Projects pecialists carry out work on calculating the structural strength at every stage of the product life cycle (design, production, certification and subsequent operation) in the following areas:
Static strength
Fatigue life
Design survivability
    Static Strength
    • General and detailed finite element modeling
    • Linear analysis
    • Geometric and physical nonlinear analysis
    • Calculation of structural stability loss
    • Detailed calculations and recommendations on design changes
    • Preparation and issue of certification reports
    • Analysis of the stress-strain behavior of the structure after an impact
    • Support of production
    • Design test support
    • Calculation of static structural strength of the structure with repair
    Fatigue life
    • Analysis of the stress-strain behavior of the principal structural element (PSE), determination of principal zones of the structure using global and local finite element (FE) models
    • Processing of loading spectra of structural elements and assessment of equivalent stress levels
    • Calculation of the fatigue life of an element according to the rating technique and the method of effective stress concentration coefficient
    • Calculation of fatigue life of various types of stress concentrators (eyes, fillet transitions, joints, etc.)
    • Certification reports preparation and issue
    • Calculation of the fatigue life of the PSE as part of work on production and operation requests
    • Design test support
    • Macro design for calculations speed up
    Design Survivability
    • Design of a Structure Repair Manual (SRM or RRK - airframe repair manual)
    • Airframe design certification in international certification bodies (including EASA)
    • Creating a corrosion map of a glider design
    • Production and operation support
    • Calculation of the survivability of the primarr strength elements (PSE) of the structure in Altai, NASGRO, AFGROW software systems using the methods of linear elastic fracture mechanics (residual strength, damage development time, onset and frequency of inspections)
    • Clarification of the stress-strain behavior of the structure using local finite element modeling of potentially critical structural locations, as well as taking into account the redistribution of loads as a result of the destruction of one of the PSE
    • Preparation and issue of certification reports